01. Our fishing lines got all [tangled] up when we were bringing them in.
02. The whale died after getting [tangled] in a fisherman's net.
03. My hair always gets really [tangled] if I don't use a conditioner when I wash my hair.
04. Many dolphins die unnecessarily after getting [tangled] in fishermen's nets.
05. The electrical wires to the computer are all [tangled] up on the floor under my desk.
06. The dog became [tangled] up in its leash, and was almost strangled.
07. The sky-diver got the lines of his parachute all [tangled], and plunged to his death.
08. A spider's web serves to [entangle] its prey so that the spider can relax, and have a leisurely, enjoyable supper.
09. It took them days to march through the [tangled] jungle of the Amazon to the camp.
10. They lay in bed naked, a [tangle] of sweaty arms and legs.
11. Walter Scott wrote, "Oh, what a [tangled] web we weave when first we practice to deceive."
12. The fly became [tangled] up in the web, and was quickly devoured by the spider.
13. If you try to [tangle] with that guy, you're going to get your ass kicked.
14. A [tangle] of trees, plants, and vines marks the rainforest of Cameroon.
15. The pygmy people living in the Democratic Republic of the Congo are able to slip easily through the [tangled] jungle growth of the forest they call their home.
16. In 1927, dancer Isadora Duncan was accidentally strangled to death when her long scarf became [tangled] in the wheel of the car she was riding in.
17. It took me ten minutes to [untangle] the line of my kite from the tree branches.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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